about me.

Hey, I’m Jess!
I guess this is where I’m supposed to talk myself up in 3rd person and make you wonder how official I am… where I reference to “my team” and make you wonder how many people work for me. But alas, it’s just me, myself and I! Even if I had a bigger platform, I’d like to think I would still talk to you as me – that I would try my best to reach you with empathy through the screen, the same way I would if we were chatting in my living room, with tea in hand.
I guess that’s what this journey is all about for me. It’s about reaching those who are suffering in silence. Those who lack community… who feel alone, isolated and unseen. To reach those who are carrying too much shame to ask for help, but who might read my words and feel another shouldering their burden. As someone who has hit some of the lowest lows in life and did so, mostly alone, it’s my heart that no one else suffers alone. From rape and abuse, to adventuring through life as a single mama of 2. From doubting God to trusting him, to navigating the waters of custody and blended families, to parenting a child with special needs, no topic is off limits. Journey with me as we laugh, cry and heal through life’s various seasons.
May you never feel alone, my friend.